Septic Services

GottaGo provides septic pumping services to the south end of Winnipeg.

We also fix and replace pumps and pill switches.

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Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Septic System

  • DO: Add enzymes and live bacteria to your septic system to assure continual microbial performance.
  • DON’T put grease or fats down a drain.
  • DO: Check for leaky toilets and other water leaks.
    If found, Fix immediately.
  • DON’T use drains or toilets for disposing chemicals or paints.
  • DO: Conserve water whenever possible.
  • DON’T wash several loads of laundry in a single day, instead spread out washing over a number of days.
  • DO: Have your septic system inspected and serviced routinely.
  • DON’T dispose large amounts of food down a drain.
  • DON’T flush trash down the toilet.


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