VIP Trailer Rentals

Perfect for weddings and other special events!

Delivered in and around Winnipeg.

For pricing and availability, please contact us.

VIP#1: Nu Concept - Solar Trailer

This one is great where electricity is not accessible!

This unit is a solar powered 2-Unit trailer. Self contained with flushing toilets, running water, lights and mirrors, this toilet is designed so that when you step into the unit, the lights go on. As you leave it automatically shuts off to save power!!!

As you can see it’s perfect for weddings and special events when you want to make your guests feel special.

  • Size: Approximately 7ft X 10ft
  • Delivery:  Day before
  • Pick Up:  Day after

If you want to make your guests feel EXTRA SPECIAL, this unit is designed to meet his and hers needs. This is equipped with Air Conditioning, flushing toilets, stereo, lighted vanity mirrors and is very spacious. As you can see, this unit is the luxury model, and can handle the larger weddings or special events.

  • Size: Approximately 7.5ft X 12ft & Very Sturdy
  • Delivery:  Day before
  • Pick Up:  Day after

The VIP#3 is a spacious dual sided unit which features glass sinks and beautiful décor. It is equipped with a stereo, lighted vanity and side mirrors, air conditioning, flushable toilets and HOT & COLD running water!!

The VIP#3 will definitely make your guests feel like royalty when they sit on this throne!!



Vegas styled interior with air conditioning, recessed lighting, warm and cold water, flushable toilets, and stereo. Truly the VIP of VIPs.

110 voltage hook up required.

Go VIP John

Good for the construction industry.

Keeps the workers happy when they have to go.

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